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What is SHERPA?

After an earthquake, it is easy to find and view pictures on the web of the after-effects of the event. However, over time, many of these pictures disappear and can no longer be found or viewed. This is a real loss for researchers looking for information.

SHERPA - "SHaring of Earthquake Rupture Pictures Archive" - aims to address this issue.

By providing a permanent archive of images of past earthquakes, and by making these resources accessible, SHERPA will act as a reference database for scientists. Users can search the database, upload their own pictures, and download images.

Three levels of access to the archive are provided:
- View-only access that does not require registration.
- The ability to download images.
- Contribute pictures to the archive.

Upload Pictures

This level of access permits both viewing and uploading and archiving images. Uploaded images can be geo-located and tagged with relevant keywords, and are digitally protected with the author retaining copyright and distribution control. Images are available on a high-availability server and archived to permanent storage, providing not only the reference image database, but also an off-site permanent backup for researchers' field images allowing retrieval of images that may have been accidentally lost or deleted.

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Search for And View Pictures

The Search and View tool provides an interface to search the SHERPA archive and view submitted images. Images are available for viewing by all in a low-resolution, protected mode. High-resolution images are available to registered users after receiving an authorization from the photographer.

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MAPMAG is a java application which provides the same features as SHERPA but which does not need an internet connection. It is targeted at scientists who want to archive, tag, geolocate and share their pictures of ruptures. If you want to test it, please contact us